“Kasey Bergh is one of the most courageous and determined people I know. She is highly influential and desires to use her influence to make the world a supportive and loving place. She has the courage to be herself no matter how “outside of the box” her choices may lead her. The thing that makes this extra special about Kasey is that she keeps sight of what she wants to create for herself and for others and then she is relentless in pursuing it, by growing and then sharing what she’s learning to the world without sugar coating or exaggerating it. She lives whole-heartedly and authentically. She wants to contribute by helping others to be authentic and connected to the best and most whole within themselves too, no matter what circumstances come their way. To live a good life is not for the faint of heart and Kasey’s unique gift to the world is her modeling and leading the way as a courageous woman leader and change agent, connecting with her essential gifts and helping others unapologetically do the same first because they “caught” this from her through how she lives, more than by being “taught” this in concepts and tools. Kasey is ready to bring more light to a world in desperate need of it and I recommend her to anyone who wants to hear stories that illustrate how to unleash and weather the best use of our power within, in service to humanity and to our evolution in our global and local communities.”

Judy Ryan, CEO, Life Work Systems

“I have known Kasey for many years and have watched her navigate many challenging life experiences. Through them all, she has shared her learnings with others so they can benefit and be inspired by her journey. I watched her share her story of overcoming medical interventions with others who had similar experiences-they were uplifted by Kasey’s joy and passion shown through her personal storytelling. People gravitate to Kasey and when you hear her, you will too.”

Betsy Cohen, Executive Director, Mosaic Project

“I am not a person to run to the self-help section of the book store, but Kasey Bergh is beyond "glass half-full" in her approach to life. Her persistent belief that approaching EVERY experience with gratitude is the key to a good life is borne out in her inspirational story. She is an open book worth spending time with.”

Katherine Smith, Executive Director, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship